New Online Booking System – Important

Dear PracticePal user,

We’re really excited to tell you about the new version of our online booking system. The newest version marks the first official release of a project we’ve been working closely with our BETA testers, and in house designers, for the last year to achieve, and we believe it’s the best ever version of Online booking!

If you have the current system embedded on your website, or a link on your website, you’ll need to make sure it’s got the newest link on there. It should look like this: Clinic Email Here

We’ve tried to stick closely to the original booking process that your patients know and love, but we’ve tailored it to be more user-friendly, completely restyled it, and added a plethora of new features and controls!

One of the biggest bits of feedback we received on the old system was the registration process – users didn’t like all the decision making and the button clicks to get to the right area for registrations, sign-ups or simply logging in. So, we’ve removed it. Now when a user enters the online booking system they simply enter their email address, then the system will push them straight to the page they need to get logged in:

Our next major change was to add multiple layout options, dependant on screen size and if the system has been embedded, meaning the software now embed seamlessly into any website, on any device. We’ve also completely simplified the layout, in keeping with modern material design standards to keep the system looking sleek and modern in any environment:

We’ve reintroduced some of the older features like allowing patients to add booking notes, and giving you back full control over how long before a slot a patient can book – by default it will only allow patients to book up until the day before the booking slot, but you can set this anywhere up to an hour before the slot:

We’ve also improved on our integration with Stripe, now allowing you not only take payments through Stripe, but also to automate refunds! By default, this is turned off, but you can set this, along with the notice period to allow a refund in the online booking setup:

*Please note if you currently use the ‘If available use patient credit’ option to manage online booking auto refunds, this will no longer be available.

We’ve even added patient-specific options like allowing you to override the patient’s password for them, or completely blocking them from using online booking. you can access these tools by opening the patient’s general tab, then clicking ‘online booking options’.

There’s plenty more new features and updates, and a bunch more still to come, like our full integration with Google Tag manager for page by page click tracking.